Jan 17, 2013 – More specifically, does the $7,000 ĘC $10,000 watch you are looking at deliver as much or more value than a Rolex Submariner watch.Jan 18, 2013 – Rolex watches are so much more than a timepiece; they are an . and the Submariner model specifically, but any dealer worth your time will .Once again, the Rolex Submariner proved its worth. Over the last fifty years, the Rolex Submariner has undergone some changes. In 1954, .To find out how much your Rolex is worth it would be a good idea to take it to a local jewelry shop to have it appraised or you can look online to find your special .Aug 12, 2010 – I had a Rolex Submariner in the past, sure it was a cool watch to . it is a high quality timepiece that will not lose much value over the years.

how much is a rolex submariner worth

I am looking at getting a pre-enjoyed Rolex Submariner and would appreciate if someone could respond with the current wholesale value of .Feb 27, 2013 – How do you define worth There is a major difference between what you would pay for a used Rolex at a dealer and what you can get for yours .How do I Determine the Value of a Rolex Submariner . How to Find Out How Much a Rolex Watch Is Worth; . How to Find Out How Much Your Old Books Are.

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